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Are you struggling with...

  • Late payments and facing foreclosure
  • Dealing with problematic tenents 
  • A costly divorce or separation
  • A recent loss of job or income
  • Expensive home repairs 
  • An inherited property you don't need
  • City violations
  • A house you need to sell fast

 Cash Home Buyers, We Buy Homes For Cash Fast In Antioch, CA

When sellers in Antioch wonder, how can I “sell my house fast for cash,” Coveway Properties provide the solution. For over a decade, our team has facilitated the quick sales of homes for thousands of sellers. We buy homes of all sizes as-is, regardless of damage.

As the second-largest city in the Bay Area, Antioch is a high-demand area. Consequently, homeowners generate a lot of interest when they list their properties. Even so, not everyone can afford to live in Antioch, and the back-and-forth process with potential buyers can take forever to complete.

We make it easy. These are just some of the many reasons you might consider selling your home for cash:

  • The house has structural damage that could make it difficult to sell.

  • You are currently going through a divorce and need to sell the house to split the proceeds.

  • You are about to retire and intend to downsize to a smaller home.

  • You lost your job and need to sell the house to avoid missed payments or foreclosure.

  • You got a new job and need to relocate quickly.

  • You inherited property and would prefer to sell it.

Find Out What Our Antioch, CA, Clients Have to Say About Our Cash Home Buyers

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Mike at Coveway Properties has bought multiple homes from us and he always close quickly with no hassles. Hi offer is fair , closed in cash and can close with no interuptions on time ,Mike at Coveway always makes sure everyone is treated fair. He is my favorite guy to work with.

Positive: Professionalism
Recently I met Mike Nelson from Coveway Properties, LLC. Within ten days we closed a 1.5 million dollar transaction and Mike was phenomenal to work with. Mike did exactly what he said he would do and we closed our transaction on time. I would strongly recommend Mike and Coveway Properteis, LLC to anyone who wants to get the job done.

Cash Home Buyers Services That We Offer in Antioch, CA

We buy homes cash, so homeowners can move on to better opportunities and reclaim control of their finances. Whatever your reasons for selling, we provide several smaller services that contribute to giving you cash for your home.

Cash Estimates in Antioch, CA

When you fill out our online form, we submit a cash offer to you in 24 hours. We have been in the real estate business since 2006 and can guarantee a fair offer based on our observations of real estate in the Bay Area.

Closing in Antioch, CA

We don’t provide a closing service, but we work closely with banks to quickly move the process. Moving the process along includes opening escrow, completing the title research, and fulfilling all legal obligations.

Check Payments in Antioch, CA

Once we have fulfilled all the required legal steps, you get a check for the full amount we agreed on. In turn, we get a clean title to the property. You can then move on to greener pastures.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cash Home Buyers in Antioch, CA

Selling your home for cash is a much simpler process than selling to the traditional buyer. Even so, you might still have questions about our unique process. Feel free to reach out to our team at any time to get the answers you need. Below, you will find answers to the questions we get asked most often in Antioch.

How do you determine what my house is worth?

We start by looking at houses similar to yours in your area and determine how much they are worth or selling for. Our team then adjusts for the work you put into the home or the work we will need to put into it to sell the home. We work with professional inspectors and appraisers who can give us the answers we need.

Can I get actual cash for my house?

We pay cash in the sense that we do not finance the purchase. However, we submit the actual payment via check to have proof of payment and the exact amount submitted. To accomplish this, we put the money into escrow, and a third-party company completes the transaction, so you can rest assured that you get every penny promised.

Do I have to move out of the house immediately?

In today’s market, we understand that finding a new home might take some time. Consequently, we are happy to rent the home back to you while you get your affairs in order. In some cases, we might be able to help you move forward. For example, if you plan to downsize, we might have a smaller and more affordable home for sale in the Bay Area.

What about the 5% seller’s agent commission?

If you choose to sell the house to us for cash, there is no 5% commission. We pay you the full price offered, and you can pocket the entire amount. We have no additional fees or commissions related to the purchase. If you have already hired a seller’s agent, inform our team to determine the best way forward.

Guaranteed Best Offer

We guarantee to give you the best offer to buy your home. Together, we will decide if this is best option for you. And, If we decide that buying your home isn't ideal on both sides, we will let you know right away.