Sell Your Unsightly Home for Cash, Fast

How to Get Your Bay Area Home Ready For Buyers

In real estate jargon, “nasty-looking homes” refer to properties that are in poor condition, have structural issues, are situated in high-crime areas, or are considered undesirable for any other reason. Selling any home can be a complex and time-consuming process, but selling an unattractive home is even more troublesome.

Why? Buyers tend to steer clear of potential problems and realtors rarely work with homeowners who are less likely to yield a high commission fast. 

That’s where we come in

Coveway Properties is a real estate investment firm that offers cash for properties in poor condition. We help homeowners who struggle to sell their properties due to complicated circumstances. 

We buy ill-favored or distressed homes for cash from owners who are dealing with various problems, including:

  • Property is in or about to be in foreclosure 
  • The homeowner is going through a divorce 
  • Property was inherited 
  • The foundation or roof has structural issues
  • The property has sewage problems
  • Damage caused to the property by renters
  • Squatters who refuse to vacate the property

Each “hard to sell property” is unique to every homeowner. But there’s one common denominator: if you’re facing any of the above barriers when selling your home, the chances of selling, moving out, and moving on, are slim.

Don’t worry about waiting for a realtor, or watching your property sit on the market for months. Sell us your house today!

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Sell Your House Fast, No Matter the Condition

Coveway Properties is the #1 real estate investor who buys distressed houses in Sacramento County and throughout the greater Bay Area. We receive stellar accolades because of our fair and speedy process.

If you are trying to sell your home for cash—fast, there are three points to consider:

Distressed House

Traditional Real Estate Route Can Be Complex and Time-Consuming

The average time it takes to sell a property in the United States is anywhere between 55-70 days. However, selling an unattractive home can be much more difficult. Its not uncommon for homeowners with unsightly homes to have their property on the market for months or even years without any potential buyers. 

Consider how long it took you to purchase your home. Chances are, you attended several open houses, explored various lending options, spent time calculating finances and budgeting, negotiating, and endured months of lengthy formal procedures and piles of paperwork. 

Selling an unattractive home is 3x as difficult. 

The typical seller spends months trying to advertise their property, accommodate open houses, and find a realtor willing to work with their home. At Coveway Properties, we turn this selling nightmare into a few simple days. 

Repairs Are Frustrating

Some ill-informed homeowners attempt to get their home in a favorable position to appease the rental market and make their property more sellable. Even if a willing buyer wants to purchase your property in poor condition, they would likely discover that the lender won’t approve a loan because the property does not meet required repairs or pass inspection. 

To try and fix their house quickly, sellers hire contractors, structural engineers, inspectors, realtors, lawyers, or take out loans to pay for repairs. But unfortunately, these short-sighted solutions are costly, time-consuming, exhausting, and overly optimistic. 

Coveway Properties eliminates these frustrations by paying for your house in cash and taking over any repair-related responsibilities. We assess your house at face value and give you a fair market price based on our evaluation. This way, you don’t have to put anymore of your hard-earned money into repairing a property you don’t want that may or may not sell. 

Distressed Property Can Be Difficult to Unload

Distressed properties are difficult to unload. Distressed properties may be under foreclosure or on the brink of foreclosure. They often need major renovations and repairs. 

In addition to costly repairs, homeowners often exacerbate their mortgage issues by doing nothing or waiting too long to fix any glaring problems. 

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the foreclosure notices, code violations, and heightening fines. However, one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when dealing with distressed property is delaying the sale of the home. 

Don’t wait to sell your distressed home. At Coveway Properties, we help homeowners who wouldn’t receive the help they needed otherwise. We’ve worked with sellers of distressed properties for over a decade and are confident we can give you the cash offer you need to unload your distressed home.

Why Choose Coveway Properties?

Selling a home can be scary. You’re entering into foreign territory and don’t know how to navigate the market and make smart decisions. That’s why we’ve created a Cash Offer Process that’s seamless and streamlined. Here are just a few reasons you should consider working with Coveway: 

  • We have a decade of experience buying homes
  • We’re a proud, local company that cares about the Bay Area community
  • We help families overcome financial hardships of any kind
  • We buy homes in all types of conditions
  • We treat each seller as an individual and provide tailored suggestions and advice based on your unique situation
  • We believe in guidance-oriented solutions; we don’t just offer you cash for your home— we walk you through the process and ensure you’re comfortable throughout

Cash Home Buyers in Antioch, CA

How to Get Started

We believe that everyone should have a fair chance at restarting their real estate journey on their own terms. If you live in the Bay Area and want to sell your home fast, we’re happy to work together to create a fair and quick cash offer. 

Getting started with Coveway Properties is just as easy as selling your home to us. Simply contact us by filling out a short one-minute form and one of our professional real estate investors will be in touch within a day to discuss our offer and begin the closing process. 

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