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You look at your rental home and feel overwhelmed by all the work it needs. You want to get out from under it, but you aren't sure how or where to start.

That is where Coveway Properties comes into play – we buy any condition of house for cash, offering a fair value without the hassle of banks. If you want to walk away from your unwanted rental property, let us help.

Renting a property that makes you anxious is difficult. You are sick and tired of the non-stop issues, from bad tenants to their destructive pets. Rent is always late, and there is always an excuse. Calls from tenants make your blood pressure rise, and you can never catch a break! Sometimes, problems build up so much that banks won't give you the money to fix it, and no one will rent your property in its current condition. That leaves you stuck with very few options.

If this sounds like you, let the experts at Coveway Properties help you quickly offload your distressed properties. You can sell your home as-is—with a fair cash price and quick close. Send us a message to get a quick reply from an expert housing investor who has distressed home buying experience.

Don’t worry about waiting for a realtor, or watching your property sit on the market for months. Sell us your house today!

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When Should You Consider Selling Your Rental Property?

Selling a rental property is never an easy decision, but sometimes it is a necessary one. There are many reasons that you might need to sell your investment.

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You've grown weary of being a landlord and are overburdened

You might have inherited a property from a relative or bought it as an investment. Or you are maybe completing a project and wanting to get rid of the house without hassle. You know you feel overwhelmed and do not want to do it anymore.

Your tenants are an ongoing problem

Your properties go vacant regularly, leaving you to foot the mortgage bill. The tenants stop paying rent, and then there is no other choice but to evict them. You've fallen upon hard times and need to sell immediately.

Your part-time landlord lure has now developed into a full-time commitment

You deserve to have time where you are not always dealing with your rental property issues. What was once a part-time investment is now a full-time problem. This isn't what you envisioned when you embarked on this journey, and you shouldn't prolong a difficult housing situation.

There are simply too many costs

Save yourself the expenses of more fixes, replacing damaged items, and the lost rental income. Just imagine how much time you'd get back by no longer having to collect rent, screen potential renters, deal with renter problems, and even save time doing your taxes!

There is no positive cash flow

Chances are that the primary reason you embarked on your journey to invest in a rental property was to earn income—either as a full-time landlord or a part-time landlord with other forms of income. But if you've reached a point where repairs, tent issues, and fines are costing so much that you have no positive cash flow, it's time to let go.

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You are ready to let go and move on

You realize that now is the time to move on. Perhaps you've taken the time to think about what your goals were and where you ended up. Now, take it a step further and think about where you could be if you took the next step forward to sell rental property rental that has become a bigger burden than you'd planned.

It's time for you to have some time for yourself. Spend time with family, go on vacation, or just sit at home and relax. You worked hard for many years to tend to your rental properties. Now, it is time for you to take time for yourself. You've earned it.

When your rental property has tenants

Trying to sell a home with tenants is easier than most people think. You have to let the tenants know about the change of who manages their lease. They also need to know that the lease transfers to the new owner.

Then, the new owner can handle whatever comes next. Most new owners honor leases when tenants are in good standing and not causing damage. However, you do not need to be afraid to sell just because you have tenants or even squatters causing damage to the house.

Coveway Properties Is the Solution You Need

When your goal is to get out from under that rental property, Coveway is your solution. We will pay you a fair cash value for your home. Our crew is all in-house, so we can offer more than other companies.

You do not need to worry about having banks involved because we take care of working with the banks for you. The process can be quick and painless. The truth is, you could have your money in as few as 5 business days. Just think about that. One week from now, you could be headache free and your rental property will be someone else's problem.

Here is the whole process in a nutshell. You get an offer based on the current condition of your rental property. We agree on a fair value and begin the closing process. You get the amount agreed upon at closing and we get the deed. It is easy, and you get your life back. 

What do you have to lose, other than more sleep over problem tenants?

Cash Home Buyers in Antioch, CA

Turn to Coveway Properties to Sell Your Unwanted Rental Property

Instead of letting your old rental property weigh you down, take your life back. Whether you are looking to sell just one problem property or a whole portfolio, Coveway is here to help. Take the time to consider what you would do with your life if you had no more late rent excuses or renters causing problems.

Then, call Coveway to start the process! Coveway Properties has developed a streamlined way to help homeowners get cash quickly. Fill out this short form to tell us about your unwanted rental property and you'll get a call back within 24 hours!