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  • Late payments and facing foreclosure
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  • A recent loss of job or income
  • Expensive home repairs 
  • An inherited property you don't need
  • City violations
  • A house you need to sell fast

Cash Home Buyers, We Buy Homes For Cash Fast In Bay Point

If you're looking for a great deal on your unwanted rental property from a cash home buyer, Coveway Properties can help you sell your house fast. Regardless of your reason for selling or the condition of your home, Coveway Properties can assist you. 

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,  I have had the opportunity to work for Mike as well as with him on several deals. I consult with him on deals that I am personally assessing and have found his input invaluable. He has an excellent reputation among all the lenders I do business with and has a history of doing smart investments and quality work. I like working with Mike and hope to do many deals. 

Mike was a breeze to work with. He purchased a property from us exactly as he told us he would. He handled the escrow like pro and didn't delay the process at all. He knows what he is doing when it comes to assessing the condition of a property as well. Would love to work with him again

About Coveway Properties in Bay Point

Coveway Properties has been helping homeowners in Bay Point since 2017. We have built a strong reputation with California homeowners for offering fair prices for their homes and rental property. So, if you've been wondering, "How can I sell my house fast for cash?" — you'll be happy to know that we buy homes as-is.

Coveway Properties in Bay Point

Several reasons customers prefer to work with Coveway Properties include:
Inheriting property that is too expensive to maintain.
● Liquidating assets to cover expenses or avoid bankruptcy.
● Need for extensive cosmetic or structural repairs.
● Retirement or downsizing.
● Death of a loved one.
● Loss or relocation of job.

House Packing in Bay Point

Some clients may require extra assistance packing up a home, especially if they're disabled or elderly. While Coveway Properties isn't a moving company, we'll go the extra mile to meet your packing needs.

House Hunting in Bay Point

Homeowners often sell their properties only to discover that finding a new forever home takes time. Our team has resources and connections within the real estate industry to help many clients find their new homes.

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Why Use Coveway Properties in Bay Point?

Located in Contra Costa County, Bay Point has a suburban feel that will allow you to enjoy the extra space, distance from your neighbors, and privacy. Most Bay Point residents are homeowners who can enjoy the area's many restaurants, coffee shops, and public parks. You'll also find a body of water close to any residential neighborhood due to Bay Point's location on the southern shore of the delta. 

You'll also get the best of both worlds with the nearby city of Oakland. Oakland is home to the world-famous Berkeley University in the East Bay area, Chinatown, the Oakland A's stadium, and the Oakland Zoo. Additionally, it neighbors San Francisco, putting you within reach of all the cultural riches and entertainment found there. Art is at the center of Oakland and gives it its unique soul. There's ample room for creators and innovators to grow in an area filled with open minds and opportunities.

Coveway Properties is the ideal company to use for selling your unwanted rental property in Bay Point. We can help you receive a cash offer in as little as five days, getting you paid faster. A quick sale can be a particular asset if you're behind on your mortgage or facing foreclosure, or if you have a life situation that requires rapid relocation, such as gaining a new job in another state. Or you may have inherited a rental property that's too far from your main home and requires repair, maintenance, and upkeep that you don't wish to assume.

It's also possible you may be going through a divorce or separation and need to split the equity in your house in a short time. Whatever your reason, a cash offer from Coveway Properties to sell your home fast is your best option.

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At Coveway Properties, we ensure you receive the best offer to buy your home fast for cash. We'll work with you to decide whether buying your home is ideal on both sides. Contact us at 925-667-5395 or via our secure online form for your best offer today.

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We guarantee to give you the best offer to buy your home. Together, we will decide if this is best option for you. And, If we decide that buying your home isn't ideal on both sides, we will let you know right away.