March 29


10 Important Questions to Ask a Home Buyer When Selling A Home For Cash

By Mike Nelson

March 29, 2022

When you decide to sell your home, you want to sell it to the right buyer.  The right buyer ensures that you will get a reasonable amount of money for your home and that the entire process moves along smoothly. However, the right buyer is not always obvious. If you ask the right questions, you can learn more about potential buyers and make it more likely that you will pick the right one. Below are 10 important questions you should ask a home buyer before you sell! 

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How Long Have You Been Looking? 

Start by asking the home buyer how long they have been searching for a home. This can tell you a little more about how eager someone is to complete the purchase. For example, if a potential buyer says they’ve been looking for months, this may mean they are not under any pressure to buy right away. If your buyer is someone who just started their search, they may want to consider  other options before deciding. Your goal isn’t necessarily to learn exactly how eager they are to buy, but to learn a little more about their frame of mind.

Do You Have a Pre-approval Letter from Your Lender? 

A pre-approval letter is from a lender who has verified a buyer’s information. The lender has determined that the buyer is qualified to purchase a home and presented them with an approximate dollar amount for what they can borrow. Asking a potential buyer if they have a pre-approval letter is a good indicator of what they can afford and if their price range matches the value of your home.

How Do You Plan on Paying? 

The two most common payments to buy a home are cash offers and loans. As the seller, it can help to know how the buyer intends to pay, as it impacts the selling process. For example, a buyer who uses a VA loan to finance a home will need to follow strict VA requirements about the home's condition.
Conversely, the all-cash offer is more straightforward.

When you sell your home to Coveway Properties, you can avoid all the paperwork and inspections associated with a VA or traditional loans- and deal only with cash. At Coveway Properties, we make the entire process quick and easy and offer cash payments for homes in any condition throughout the Bay Area.

So, if you don't want to deal with some of the complications that can come from dealing with buyers' home loans and detailed inspections, choose Coveway Properties and sell your house for cash - fast.

Is This Your First Home? 

New homeowners have different loan options available to them. This can make the selling process a little faster and less complicated. However, new homeowners also have less experience in shopping for a home and could be less decisive or more demanding.  Knowing where your buyer in regards to their buying and selling experience, can help you better understand the buyer’s frame of mind and set your expectations accordingly.

When Are You Looking to Close? 

Deadlines are very important when selling your home. You need to know when the buyer wants to sign the paperwork and close the deal so that you can prepare. There’s a big difference between a buyer who wants to close next week and one who wants to close in two months. 

Understanding and setting deadlines will help if you want to sell your house fast. Some buyers need time to get everything together and their timelines might not align with yours. If you are in a time disagreement with your buyer, consider selling your property to Coveway Properties. When you sell to Coveway Properties you can have the house closed in just a short amount of time, and you will get paid in cash.  

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When Are You Looking to Move In? 

Similar to the closing date,  when the buyer wants to move in. You need to know how much time you have between closing and when you need to leave the home. For example, if the buyer wants a move-in date shortly after closing, then you may need to start packing and preparing to move well before the closing date.

Do You Need to Sell Your Home Before Closing? 

If the potential buyer is a homeowner, then they may need to sell their home before they can buy yours. This adds a little complication to the process, as you need to wait for the home selling process to complete before you can sell yours. Waiting for a contingent offer can be complicated and there is no guarantee that they will even sell their house. If you want to avoid any contingent offers, use a cash home buying service like Coveway Properties and sell your home without waiting.

Do You Require Any Renovations Before Buying? 

Some home buyers may request certain repairs or renovations to your home before closing. These arrangements are typically included within the sales contracts, and both parties agree to the changes and how it impacts the price of the home. If you think that your home might require renovations before you sell - you should begin working on them now.

Find out about required renovations early so that you can either start working on them or find another buyer that doesn’t require them. If you want to sell your house fast for cash, consider working with  Coveway Properties, which doesn’t require that you perform any renovations before selling.

Are There Any Deal-Breakers for You? 

Finally, ask the potential buyer if they have any “deal-breakers.” A deal-breaker are things that could cause a buyer to change their minds at the last minute. For example, the buyer may not want to buy a home with cracks in the foundation, or a leaky roof. If you know there are any problems in your home, either repair them now, or find a buyer who doesn’t mind doing the repairs themselves - like Coveway Properties. 

Get Help Selling Your Home Fast in the Bay Area 

You must consider many factors when selling your home in the Bay Area.  When you prepare questions to ask homebuyers, you can figure out how complicated, or simple the home selling process can be. However, if you want to skip all the questions, work, and stress, use Coveway Properties and sell your home fast. Remove all the stress within the selling process, and rely on Coveway Properties to offer you a cash offer. To learn how to quickly sell your home for cash, please contact us today and tell us how we can help.

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