March 1


Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Unattractive House Now

By Mike Nelson

March 1, 2022

Do you currently live in a home that you feel is “unattractive”? Are you having a difficult time selling it? Time and money are two of the most valuable resources in any person’s life, so saving both is important. When trying to sell an unattractive house, this can take time due to the process of making it more attractive. 

However, an attractive property will sell much more quickly. Instead of putting money and time into making the home more appealing, you could utilize those resources for something else. Rather than sell your home later, why not sell it now? 

7 Reasons to Sell Your Unattractive House

It’s a Strong Market 

The housing market is one of the best reasons to sell your unattractive house now. Home values are at some of the highest prices they've been at in years. By selling your home now to cash home buyers, you can get more for it than you would if you sold it a few years ago or in a few years from now. As a result, you can make a higher return on investment. 

Packed House Items

You Can Sell it Fast 

Not only can you get more for your home now, but you can also sell it faster. With today's housing market, gone are the days when a house would go unsold for months at a time. No one likes waiting around for someone to buy their home. Coveway Properties specializes in assisting people who want to "sell my house fast," making the entire process smooth and simple. Don't put yourself through a long process where you have to spend time fixing up your home before even thinking about listing it. Instead, sell it as it is and get the process done quickly. 

Get Rid of Your Distressed Home Easily

The price often goes down with distressed homes because of the work needed to make them attractive.  If you sell your home now, it will be at a higher price than if you waited until the time the property is in better shape and ready to sell. There was a time when it was hard to sell "distressed" homes. Not anymore. With Coveway Properties, finding the right buyer is much easier. Sell your house now and you will be able to move on with your life quickly. 

Save Money on Renovations 

By selling your unattractive home now, you can save money on renovations. You can allow someone else to perform these home renovations for you and sell your home as it is. Why spend all that money trying to fix up your home when you can simply work with a service that specializes in helping people sell their home fast? You can then take that money for renovations and either put it towards your next home or on something else important in your life, like a new car or a family vacation. 

Secure a Low Interest Rate 

If you plan on taking out a loan to help pay for your next home, try and get your loan secured as soon as possible. Interest rates are starting to rise with  inflation, so before these rates shoot any higher you should jump on them while you have the chance. Once you decide to "sell my home fast for cash", you can use the money along with great interest rates to make your next home very affordable. Start exploring the current interest rates available and see if they fit into your financial goals. 

There are Services That Can Help 

The next reason you should consider selling your unattractive house now is that cash home buyers can assist you. It wasn't long ago that people with unattractive homes needed to do a lot of work on their own in order to sell the house but this is no longer the case.

 You don't need to stress about finding a listing agent or fixing up your home before you sell it. Instead, you simply work with a company like Coveway Properties. At Coveway, we'll quickly give you a quote for your "unattractive," home so that you can decide if selling right now is the best decision for you.

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Be Done With It 

You should sell your unattractive house now simply so that you’re done with it. Perhaps you’ve been worrying about how you can “sell my house fast” or how you’re going to afford the renovations you think you need. The more time you spend thinking about these things, the more stress you’ll have. Luckily, you can get rid of all that stress and put this situation behind you by selling your home today for cash. You can then focus on more important things in your life and start your next chapter. 

Remove Your Stress Today and Sell Your Home

Don't spend the next few months stressing over how to improve the appearance of your home before you sell it. Instead, contact the cash home buyers at Coveway Properties and start the process of selling your home today. We can provide you with a cash quote right away and before you know it, you'll have your house sold. We know that stress accompanies selling any home, never mind an unattractive one. Remove this weight off your shoulders by contacting us today and let Coveway Properties make this process much simpler for you.

"What a relief to have found Coveway Properties! My husband and I have been struggling with what to do with this home for years. Every time we had a game plan to fix up the home to sell it, one of us was getting sick or recovering from surgery.  Mike was so understanding and worked with us remotely to get the home sold. We are so grateful for his help!"