April 26


Things You Need to Know When Selling Your Home

By Mike Nelson

April 26, 2022

As you prepare to sell your house fast, there are a lot of moving pieces that you have to navigate to make sure the sale goes smoothly.  These moving parts start at deciding how to sell your home  and go all the way to negotiating  the final selling price . It can feel overwhelming. Don't worry, we have put together things you need to know when selling your home. 

8 Things You Need to Know When Selling Your Home

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Treat Your Home as a Business Transaction. 

Once you decide to sell your house, you effectively  become a businessperson trying to make a sale. This means making sure that you're calm and organized and that you're able to communicate your needs and wants effectively. It's best to either put your emotions aside, or keep your emotions in check.   

With a business transaction or sale, you need to figure out the best way to market your home, and communicate your wants and needs with all parties involved. Communicating your needs to everyone involved in the sale, including inspectors, your real estate agent, your mortgagor, and construction workers  is important and necessary . That is why it is so crucial on how you treat the sale of your home.  

Set a Timeline 

As part of the organizing  for selling your house, setting a timeline can help prepare you and your team for challenges that may arise. When you make your timeline, consider what the best- and worst-case scenarios are to sell your house. If you're trying to sell your house fast, set a deadline for closing in two or three months is important because that limits the time everyone has to do their respective work. It can also help you create an overall plan for how you want to approach any work that you need before your final house sale. Setting a timeline and communicating that timeline with your buyers can help you market and generate interest in your house. This is because potential buyers see your house as a limited-me offer and are more likely to make an offer if they're interested. A timeline also lets you know when you should take your house off the market to avoid losing money.

Take Plenty of Photos 

Taking photos of your house can help you sell your house fast. This is because you can show the different rooms of your house from a variety of angles. When your house goes up in the listing, people will have the chance to look through your photos. This can help you drive more traffic to the property you're selling. For example, if you're looking through an online listing and see two houses with similar price ranges, but one has 60 pictures and the other has 11, you may feel more encouraged to look at the home with more pictures. 

Taking pictures can also help you if you find your home damaged during repairs or during a visit. You can show your pictures as evidence that the home was in good condition prior to the visit or repairs. This ensures that you remain compliant with regulations in your area and that you can recover from any damage the house may accrue while you're not around. Ultimately,  taking pictures of your house can help you show off the best features of the property and sell your home faster than you would without them.

Get a Pre-Sale Home Inspection 

Before you sell your house, (You may want to get) you'll need to get an official inspection done to ensure the house is in good to know any issues and problems that will effect the value of your home. This information about your home can be helpful before you decide the best course of action on selling your home.  You will have a more accurate idea of any repairs and costs on your home and be able to accurately value your home.

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Avoid Needless Upgrades 

While making sure your house is in the best shape possible can include making repairs and doing some finishing work on the minor details, avoid unnecessary upgrades whenever you can. This includes remodeling your house, exchanging old floors for new ones, installing new fixtures, windows, or doors, and completing other projects that add more to the house. While they can make a house look nicer, they are open more expensive to include and can create delays in the sales process as construction teams move in and out of your home. Instead, focus on repairing your original house's design.

Set a Realistic Price 

This can be one of the most challenging aspects of selling your house because it involves understanding the Bay Area markets, getting your house appraised, and working with your real estate agent to make sure you can earn a profit from your house while general  interest from potential buyers. A realistic price for your house depends on a lot of factors, including the current markets, the condition and size of your house, any repairs the new owners or investors have to make, and other factors that your real estate agent may know. 

A realistic price is a middle ground between the maximum value you can sell your house for and the offers that potential buyers make. As you set a price that is negotiable, remember that selling  it a little higher than your actual goal can help you earn the most profit from the house and allow for negotiation room with your potential buyers.

Consider and Negotiate Offers 

While you may want to sell your house as fast as possible, there are three things to remember about offers. First, consider whether any offer from potential buyers meets your needs as the person selling the house. This is to ensure that you get what you need from the sale and that you consider multiple  offers on your house. 

Second, you can negotiate offers from your potential buyers. Whether your selling your  home yourself or with an agent, there is usually a little room to negotiate a possible better offer. 

Third, remember that your potential buyers are people as well, so making sure the offer meets all of their terms while meeting yours is the best scenario for everyone involved. Be open to them asking for a slightly lower price, but don't let them lower their offer too much. 

Consider a  Cash For Homes Real Estate Investment Firm 

If you have considered a timeline and is pretty short timeline, consider hiring a real estate investment firm like Coveway Properties that is familiar with the Bay Area market can help you sell your house fast and for a higher price. We can evaluate your home, give you a cash offer and have a check to you in as little as 5 days.  

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