November 10


5 Reasons You Should Move to Antioch, CA

By Mike Nelson

November 10, 2022

Looking for something a little off the beaten path? Antioch, California just might be the ticket. With the incredible growth seen in this local community in the past 10-20 years, it’s easy to see yourself getting in on the ground level of this soon-to-be booming local culture. And with the median age of residents at only about 35 years of age, you can be sure that there’s lots to do and plenty of new friends to be made while you explore everything this unique neighborhood has to offer. 

What are the housing costs in Antioch?

The cost of a home in Antioch, CA are currently listed around $600K, but don’t let that price tag scare you! Living in Antioch brings a plethora of other benefits, including their exceedingly low unemployment rate at only 9.6%, with residents making about 66K per year. Plus, since it’s known as one of the oldest towns in California, you get to enjoy all the local charm and flavor that comes with living somewhere that existed long before you arrived. 

Enjoy Unique Experiences

Ever been in a coal mine before? If you live in Antioch, you’ll have the chance to say you have! Locals love visiting the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve, as it’s full of a rich and intriguing history that you have to see to believe. It’s also got plenty of wildlife around, so while you explore the ruins and learn about the processes that used to take place there, you’ll also get the full effect of the outdoor experience.

Time Travel to the Past

As Antioch isn’t exactly the new kid on the block, there’s a rich history that you can explore by visiting the Antioch Historical Museum. There, you’ll meet local experts on artwork, artifacts, and cultures that existed in the past. What better way to launch yourself into the future in a new place, than to remember what happened before you? Patrons of all ages will enjoy this educational experience, and who knows — you might just learn something new.

Race to the Finish Line

Are you a car enthusiast who loves all things loud and rumbling? Then you’ll definitely enjoy Antioch Speedway. Here, you can learn all about the various models of race cars that are typically used on the track, and root for your favorite racer to win big (and hopefully not crash). What could be better than that? It’s a great way to fend off the Sunday scaries with your family and friends.

Or, if you’re looking for an activity that’s a bit more interactive, you can bring your crew to Paradise Skate Roller Rink. With plenty of retro vibes to keep you in the moment and enjoying every second, this destination activity spot features a snack bar and disco-light accompanied music. The roller rink also boasts of an arcade that has all your favorite games, both new and old, to appeal to any age group.

Take in Some Culture

Hoping for something a little more classical for your outing? El Campanil is a theater based in Antioch that will bring all the fanfare and entertainment on the more elevated side. You can watch ballet, or maybe take in some live theater or a concert. You even might recognize some of the celebrity autographs who quite literally, left their mark on the walls.

Fuel Up After You’ve Had Your Fun

Ever been to Mac’s Old House? You’re missing out if you haven’t. Featuring all your favorite comfort foods with a local, Cajun flair, you can find the best prime rib this side of the Mississippi — and it always comes with all the fixings like soup, salad, and more. What’s not to love about Mac’s? You’ll leave happy, full, and ready for wherever your Antioch adventure takes you next. 
Or, if Mexican cuisine is what you’re craving, visit the family-owned Cocina Medina for all the best tacos, guacamole, and quesadillas you could ever dream of. Made to order with homemade quality and only the best ingredients, it’s a far cry from the chain restaurants you may be used to.

No matter where you’re at in your home journey, we can help.

Coveway is passionate about making sure that your house is your home, and that you are situated in a community that meets your needs while allowing you to contribute too. If you have any more questions about turning your home into cash, reach out to one of our team members. We understand this can be a stressful experience, but that’s why we want to do the heavy-lifting for you. 
Contact us today for more about your options when it comes to selling your home for cash. We can’t wait to share all the things we love about Antioch with you.

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