November 10


5 Reasons You Should Move to Pittsburg, CA

By Mike Nelson

November 10, 2022

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If the Gold Coast has been calling your name for a while, but you don’t feel like doing the “mainstream” thing and landing in Los Angeles or San Diego, why not consider Pittsburg, CA? While this community may be less-established in the forefront of your mind, it’s got a lot of hidden gems sprinkled in between up-and-coming neighborhoods with untapped potential.

What are the housing costs in Pittsburg?

On average, housing costs are lower than other California communities, with houses at $600K and townhouses settling around $500. If this is out of your desired budget, there are some equally attractive apartment options that might do the trick. 

Neighborhood Beats

As Pittsburg is considered to be city living, it’s valuable to consider the rhythm and style of these neighborhoods and imagine the ways you might enjoy getting involved. Maybe you find yourself taking in some fine art at a local museum, or indulging in a relaxing afternoon at your neighborhood park. Pittsburg is also known for its fantastic cuisine, ranging from Chinese to Italian and virtually anything you could crave in between.

Spectacular Sights and Snacks

Want to pretend you’re an heiress for an afternoon? Visit the striking attraction known as Galindo House and Gardens – an 1850s estate known for its 1.5 garden acres and fanciful interior. After you’re done learning about this well-preserved home, you can kick back with some good old-fashioned comfort food from Lumpy’s Diner. This local gem has been around since 2008 and emphasizes comfort food that’s equal parts nostalgic and delicious. 

Embark on an Adventure

Looking for something a little more rustic and off the beaten path? Pittsburg has a lot of unique experiences that will satisfy your wanderlust. The Dow Wetlands Wildlife Wildlife Habitat Preserve is a great place to get up-close-and-personal with some feathered friends. If thrill-seeking is more your style, you might also like Delta Kayak Adventures – where you can bring your own gear or borrow some, with professional instruction to ensure everyone is safe and has a blast. These are only a couple of the opportunities you’ll find in and around Pittsburg, and there are plenty more that will thrill and excite even the most picky of residents.

Relax at a Local Park

While a local park might not sound like the most exciting perk of moving somewhere new, it’s a great place to meet locals. Plus, there are some hidden features like the swimming hole at Contra Loma Regional Park that will entice your inner child. There’s also the Markham Nature Park Arboretum that might offer you a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the city. With a beautiful creek running through it, you might want to zone out and pretend you’re on a camping trip halfway through the workday.

Appreciate the Local Diversity

Did you know that Pittsburg, California is culturally diverse? With as much as 20% of residents from Asian descent, as well as an additional population of Pacific Islander descent, you never know who you might meet. Strike up a conversation with a local who’s made Pittsburg their home. After all, your neighborhood might be full of amazing individuals with wonderful life stories just waiting to be shared.

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