September 3


Struggling with Tenants Not Paying Rent?

By Mike Nelson

September 3, 2020

Do you own a Bay Area property where your tenants are not consistently paying their rent? 

Need to get out of that situation?

Being a landlord can be a wonderful thing as long as you have the right tenants in your home. Unfortunately this is not always the situation.

If your tenants have stopped paying rent, stopped taking care of the property or are not following the terms of the lease agreement it can turn into a nightmare fast.

There are a number of negative consequences that can arise due to your tenants not following through with their end of the lease agreement.

  1. You may be falling behind on your mortgage due to nonpayment from your tenant
  2. Your property may become damaged and need extensive repairs
  3. Your property may start receiving fines from the City or Homeowners Association which can add up quickly

These are just a few of the negative things associated with having bad tenants in your Bay Area home.

Coveway Properties can help

Luckily, Coveway Properties is here to help and has the means to get you out of that situation now. Our team is ready to find the right solution to alleviate your tenant problems.

Coveway Properties can make a cash offer on your home in the Bay Area of Sacramento County today and we will get involved to help with the process of removing the tenants.

Coveway Properties understands your situation

We get it.

Things happen and sometimes people need a helping hand. 

Our goal is always to find the best solution for everyone involved - starting with the homeowner. Our expertise in Bay Area real estate makes us the perfect partner to help you solve your tenant headache.

Stop struggling with bad tenants

If you are struggling with tenants who are not paying their rent on time, give Coveway Properties a call today at 925-667-5395

We will take the time to understand your situation, and are prepared to make a cash
offer on your home in the Bay Area today!

Mike Nelson

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